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We are very proud to show you the unique masterpieces of the Manuscriptum Publishing House Our mission is not only to reach out to literature enthusiasts, historians and art connoisseurs, but also to share this world with anybody who is inquisitive about, and shows admiration for, the beautiful, unique and inspiring items.

Manuscriptum is is a special publishing house that combines tradition with modernity, benefiting from the cultural heritage of all of Europe and the whole wide world. At the risk of appearing immodest, we nevertheless need to say that our jewel embedded books are exceptional and unique works of art; they cannot merely be called reproductions.

They include bibliophilic rare manuscripts, incunables and other unique literary rarities with historical and investment values. Golden, silver or jewelled bindings make them indeed precious. They emphasize the exceptional, treasurable and unique character of the written word. These Books will make your house or office a special place, and your family will appreciate the heritage in form of a manuscript passed from generation to generation. The can even act as an original multi-purpose gift, and will undoubtedly be appreciated by any beneficiary.

Limited editions of books, and their careful selection for the portfolio, will give you confidence that your objects are most precious and unique.

The pages of our manuscripts reveal knowledge that has many times impacted the history of the world, it has altered the fate of entire nations and affected the collective consciousness of mankind inspiring people to change and grow.

Centuries old originals are priceless. However, the passage of time takes no mercy on them. Therefore, they are closely guarded in university and national libraries, and only researchers and scholars have access to them. However, the excellent quality reproductions of these priceless originals allow us to be in touch with an amazing world, the access to which is only granted to connoisseurs, and outstanding experts, who appreciate the aesthetics of the works.